Crash With Severe Soft-Tissue Injuries


This case involves a car crash that injured a young lady in her 20s who worked as a bookkeeper and maid for a local motel. As she was driving home very early one morning, a woman in another vehicle pulled out and hit her car on the passenger side. The car spun around sharply, causing injuries to the driver.

The client suffered severe soft tissue injuries to the neck, back and arms. After the car crash, she also developed carpal tunnel syndrome and was in so much pain that it was impossible for her to work. The client was also a young mother with two small children, and her injuries made it very difficult for her to care for her children. Throughout her care, the client was treated by a family physician, a general surgeon and a chiropractor.


This was a difficult case, since the injuries from the car crash were soft tissue-injuries, which are not easily documented through conventional medical tests. Injuries involving tendons, muscles and ligaments are often not captured with CT scans, MRIs and other diagnostic tests.

Columbus, Indiana, accident attorney Woody Harrison was not only involved in every aspect of her legal case, he was also an invaluable resource for the injured woman. As an experienced personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer, he was able to refer her to quality physicians who could give her the quality pain management and ongoing treatment she needed.


The jury returned a verdict of $630,000 which, at that time (1989), was the largest verdict in Bartholomew County. It remained so until 2004.