Results Obtained In Serious Auto And Medical Negligence Cases

Across more than four decades of representing the injured and grieving in Indiana, I have handled many cases that were extremely complex from both medical and legal perspectives. What follows is a sampling of a few of the higher value outcomes I have obtained for victims of roadway and medical negligence.

  • A woman entering an intersection controlled by stop signs was broadsided by a semi truck that had not slowed or stopped. The truck driver claimed he did not see the stop sign, even though he had a full, clear view of the intersection. Although a data recording device on the truck confirmed the trucker's negligence, he raised as a defense the fact that the woman had smoked marijuana sometime during the previous two weeks. Read more about this wrongful death case and its outcome.
  • In 2009, a baby girl was born. During the delivery, the baby's shoulder became stuck on the mother's pubic bone. This is a relatively common complication during birth, but one that requires particular care. In the report he dictated regarding the delivery, the obstetrician claimed to have used the well-recognized Woods' screw maneuver to release the impacted shoulder. When he dictated that report, however, he did not realize that the grandmother had videotaped the birth and the video clearly showed he did not use Woods' screw maneuver. We contended he twisted and pulled on the baby's head and neck to deliver her. He contended that the baby was coming out naturally while he put his fingers on her shoulder and turned them, and that what appeared on the video to be twisting and pulling was actually his gently guiding the child out of the birth canal. Our experts said that the method of delivery was improper; he had pulled and twisted the baby's head and neck, causing injuries to nerves in the child's neck and a permanent condition called Erb's Palsy. This is caused by tearing the nerves that make up the brachial plexus, a bundle of nerves that comes off the spinal cord. We were able to show that the amount of force needed to tear those brachial plexus nerves was significantly greater than the moderate traction the doctor claimed he used. The little girl has permanent left arm paralysis with significant limitations, despite two major surgeries by a brachial plexus surgeon. A jury awarded the family $1,400,000.00 in compensation.
  • In 2004, a woman in her 30s was injured when a delivery truck driver ran a stop sign and caused the SUV she was riding in to roll over. She suffered severe headaches and neck pain and required surgeries to repair a herniated disk and to replace both TMJ joints in her jaw. The jury at trial delivered a $2.6 million verdict — the largest ever awarded in Bartholomew County — and my client also received additional compensation for an insurance company's bad faith. Read more about this auto accident/spinal injury case.
  • Another Bartholomew County car crash in 1989 occurred when my client, a young mother, was struck by another driver on the passenger side, causing her car to spin sharply. She had significant soft tissue injuries to her neck, back, and arms, and also developed carpal tunnel syndrome in the aftermath of the crash. This made it impossible to work and difficult to care for her children. In this 1989 case, the jury returned a $630,000 verdict for my client. Read more about this soft tissue injuries case.
  • In 2003, an Indiana man underwent vertebral fusion surgery by a doctor of osteopathy in Bedford, Indiana, in an effort to relieve lower back pain. Unfortunately, this surgery made the pain far more excruciating and debilitating. Despite the doctor's claim that a CT scan showed no problems, a neurosurgeon determined that a screw in the man's back was in direct contact with a nerve. The neurosurgeon performed the first of multiple additional surgeries that were required. This medical malpractice case went to trial in March 2008, and a Lawrence County jury delivered a $648,000 verdict for my client.
  • A man in his early 50s who sought treatment from a urologist in the mid-1990s was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and a biopsy was performed on a potential tumor. Although he was told he did not have cancer at that time, approximately two years later another physician discovered cancer throughout his body, and he died soon after receiving this diagnosis. Filing a hospital malpractice suit required obtaining an Indiana Supreme Court ruling that the two-year statute of limitations did not apply to this case. Total compensation was for the maximum amount allowable by law at the time: $750,000. Read more about this fatal failure to diagnose cancer.
  • There are a couple of more in excess of $1,000,000 cases of medical malpractice if you would like to include them I can provide more info, but briefly are : Physically fit 25 y/o mother of 2 has the worst headache of her life goes to ER and despite being unable to walk well and having problems with speech is sent home by the ER doc at midnight on a Friday without doing a CT scan. On Sunday she has a preventable serious brain bleed and dies. Maximum allowed under law of $1,250,000. Also $1,250,000 for 40 y/o male construction worker who had diverticulitis went to ER doctor said just a stomach ache went back to ER after rupture again sent home and he died of peritonitis. 750,000 max allowed girl born with elevated bilirubin that went untreated despite knowledge of the problem. In 1986 little girl was made completely deaf. Due to aggressive defense case did not get ready for trial until 2009 and on the eve of trial the case settled for the Max.

*Past results are not guarantees of future success

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