Did A Doctor Fail To Diagnose Cancer Or Another Serious Condition?

We all must place our trust in physicians and other health care professionals. In the vast majority of situations, that trust is rewarded with the utmost in attentive, professional and detail-oriented medical care. Sadly, there are also instances when something critical that should have been caught gets inexplicably missed.

If you have reason to believe that a doctor should have diagnosed cancer, heart attack or stroke risk, or some other condition that later became life-threatening or fatal, I am here to answer your questions and help in any way that I can. Your call to me, attorney Patrick (Woody) Harrison, could be the most important step you take as you fight to move on from a tragic loss or setback.

Benefit From Thorough, Insightful Case Analysis And Decades Of Trial Experience

It is important to realize that not all diagnostic failures amount to actionable medical malpractice. Working as needed with a network of highly qualified doctors, I am equipped to assess from all relevant angles, legal and medical. If you decide to pursue a lawsuit based on my counsel, I will build that case for trial and go the distance for you.

Among multiple cases involving diagnostic failures, I represented a man whose urologist ordered a biopsy on a suspected prostate tumor and told him he did not have cancer. By the time another doctor diagnosed cancer throughout his body, it was too late to prevent his tragic, premature death soon afterward. I took this case before the Indiana Supreme Court and obtained a ruling that the two-year statute of limitations was unconstitutional as applied to this case. Compensation obtained through the settlement was $750,000, the maximum allowed under Indiana law at that time. Read more case studies here.

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I work on a close, highly collaborative level with every client and family I represent. If you choose to contact me for counsel, I will take your concerns seriously and treat you with genuine care. For the counsel you need from a lawyer you can trust in this pivotal time, call my office in Columbus, Indiana, toll free at 812-375-0911 or send me an email now.