Did Your Own Or A Family Member's Surgery Go Seriously Wrong?

Surgeons are among the most highly trained and respected of all medical professionals. However, they are not all equal in skill and even the best can make mistakes with devastating outcomes. If the course of your life has been altered and you believe the reason is surgical negligence, it is crucial to speak with a highly experienced medical malpractice lawyer.

In an era when many attorneys choose to avoid the complexity and costs of medical negligence claims, this remains an important aspect of my Columbus, Indiana-based law practice. When you turn to me, Woody Harrison, you can count on empathy and guidance directly from a lawyer equipped to take your valid surgical error claim through trial if needed.

Decades Of Experience Proving Surgical Negligence And Helping Victims Recover

There is no such thing as a simple, straightforward medical malpractice case — and I take great care not to raise false hope or unrealistic expectations. Whether a surgical error amounts to actionable medical malpractice depends on many factors. That said, if analysis suggests that I can prove a surgical error should have been avoided and the outcome was significantly worse because of that, I know the steps to take on your behalf.

In 2003, a doctor of osteopathy in Lawrence County, Indiana, performed disk surgery intended to relieve a patient's lower back pain. The man I later represented woke up from the surgery with different, even more excruciating and persistent pain — but his doctor claimed that a CT scan yielded no physical explanation. A neurosurgeon's determination that screws were in contact with nerves led to multiple, additional surgeries. At a trial conducted in March 2008, the delivered a $648,000 verdict in favor of my client. For more details on this case and others I have handled, see the case studies on this site.

I will welcome your call and questions about any suspected surgical error that had a severe, adverse outcome in our region of Indiana. Whether you are the victim, a family member grieving a wrongful death, or a fellow attorney, I will take your concerns seriously and treat you with genuine empathy and respect. Simply call 812-375-0911 for a free initial consultation with me, Patrick (Woody) Harrison, Attorney at Law.