Seeking Answers, Justice And Compensation For Indiana Motorcycle Accident Victims

Most motorcyclists drive very defensively due to constant awareness of other drivers' unpredictability and their own exposure in any crash. However, there is only so much that motorcyclists can do to compensate for those who fail to watch for them and respect their equal rights on the road.

Did you suffer serious injuries in a motorcycle wreck caused by someone else near Columbus, Seymour, Bloomington or another Indiana community? Did you lose a beloved family member in a tragic, fatal motorcycle crash? For the compassionate counsel and dedicated advocacy you deserve, I encourage you to contact me, Patrick (Woody) Harrison, Attorney at Law.

Determination To Prove Fault And Maximize Your Financial Recovery

Proving fault and establishing liability after a motorcycle accident are typically complex endeavors. With decades of experience investigating and analyzing all types of roadway crashes, I am up to this challenge — and dedicated to seeking every dollar available to help you put your life back together. Key demands of your case may include:

  • Overcoming at-fault drivers' and insurance company's claims that the motorcyclist/victim was "impossible" to avoid when, in fact, cellphone use, other distractions or some other form of recklessness was a major factor in the crash
  • Thorough assessment and valuation of the many devastating costs and setbacks you face, creating needs that often extend far beyond basic medical treatment to ongoing care, replacement income while you cannot work or life without a family member
  • Absolute readiness to take your case through trial if no fair and just settlement offer comes forward

I know that the idea of taking legal action is intimidating when your life has been turned inside out and your future is so uncertain. As your trusted motorcycle accident lawyer, I will prioritize your needs and offer practical, reliable guidance on the viability and potential value of your personal injury or wrongful death claim. To speak directly with me and receive a free case evaluation, please call 812-375-0911 or send an email inquiry now.