Focused On Helping Serious Injury Victims And Their Families

I have spent the past 40-plus years filing the extensively prepared civil lawsuits necessary to address the real human costs of negligence behind the wheel and in the medical profession. At this point in my career, and as a sole practitioner, today I primarily pursue cases involving life-altering, permanent injuries and fatalities.

The costs of surgery, treatment, rehabilitation and other vital needs after a serious accident are staggering. If your child suffered a birth injury, you are undoubtedly focused on making his or her life as full and productive as possible. If you or your spouse cannot work after a motor vehicle accident, your need to replace that income may be critical. Whatever the details of your situation, the stakes are enormous. A life-changing injury calls for a focused, caring attorney on your side who has real experience with serious injury cases.

Medical Knowledge Is Essential For Maximizing Your Recovery

For a serious injury attorney, the ability to present medical evidence effectively is a key asset. As the son of a physician, I have been exposed to medical terms and concepts throughout my life. I collaborate frequently with a network of physicians qualified to provide expert guidance and opinions. As a long-standing injury and medical malpractice lawyer, my capabilities extend across the spectrum of:

  • Spinal cord injuries, along with related back and neck injuries that often require multiple surgeries with uncertain outcomes
  • Traumatic brain injuries, some of which are diagnosed quickly, while others take time after an accident to cause symptoms that others notice
  • Injuries to children, which always create financial pressure on parents and often require extensive treatment to address emotional and cosmetic concerns as well as physical recovery
  • Multiple fractures, crush injuries, nerve damage and other injuries that may be disabling and career-ending as well as incredibly costly to treat
  • Fatal accidents caused by the negligence of another driver, a misdiagnosis, medical treatment that falls below professional standards of care, mistakes during surgery or other events leading to wrongful death

Put Decades Of Experience To Work Protecting Your Future

Based in Columbus and practicing throughout all surrounding Indiana counties, I am here to do all I can to help if you or a family member has been seriously injured. My professional credentials and past case results largely speak for themselves, but you will also know from day one that I genuinely care about your case.

To reach me, Patrick (Woody) Harrison, Attorney at Law, for a free initial consultation, call 812-375-0911 or send an email now.