Has A Collision With A Commercial Truck Left You Suffering Or Grieving?

Anyone who drives on Interstate 65 and other roadways in our region of Indiana deals with a diverse traffic mix, including a very high volume of semitrucks and other huge commercial vehicles. While this area's position as a corporate distribution hub is vital and we all like to see the wheels of commerce turning, negligent truck drivers and trucking companies create serious hazards.

A significant percentage of the most devastating motor vehicle accidents involve a massive truck and an ordinary passenger vehicle. The outcomes of such a crash are often life-altering and sometimes tragically fatal. If you or a family member has been victimized in or near Columbus, Seymour or another area community, there is no time to lose in seeking qualified legal counsel.

Put Decades Of Case-Building And Trial Experience To Work For You

At a time when envisioning your future can seem impossible, it is important to realize that litigation after truck accidents is especially complex and challenging. I am a personal injury and wrongful death attorney Patrick (Woody) Harrison, and I have the experience your case demands. My knowledge and capabilities cover the spectrum of:

  • Wide-ranging causes of truck accidents, from speeding and reckless lane changes to driver fatigue, intoxication and distraction
  • Investigative techniques necessary to expose regulatory violations and other truck accident causes that may be concealed by the offending driver, employer and insurer
  • All-out effort to demonstrate the total impact, both financial and personal, of motor vehicle crashes on victims' lives

My long-standing law practice is grounded in compassion for suffering individuals and families and dedication to targeting every dollar of compensation to help them recover. If your case calls for a proven truck accident lawyer, you can talk to me openly about your grief as well as the practical challenges you face. To get started with a free consultation and case evaluation, simply call 812-375-0911 or reach out to me via email and I will get in touch with you as promptly as possible.