Pursuing Indiana Wrongful Death Claims With Skill And Genuine Compassion

Words cannot begin to capture the loss and emptiness you are likely feeling if a family member was killed in a tragic accident. If you know or suspect that your loved one's death was caused by someone else's negligence — such as reckless driving or a serious, preventable medical mistake — your future and your family's well-being may depend on the attorney you choose to advise and represent you.

Count On Focused Attention, Empathy And Extensive Trial Experience

Practicing law in Columbus for the past 40-plus years, I have helped numerous Indiana families navigate the legal processes necessary to obtain significant financial compensation after fatal accidents. As selected case studies on this site show, my experience covers wrongful death lawsuits after auto, motorcycle and truck accidents as well as diagnostic failures and other medical negligence.

You can turn to me, accomplished personal injury and wrongful death lawyer Patrick (Woody) Harrison, with confidence in my commitment to:

  • Leading a comprehensive investigation of the accident or medical mistake that has altered your life profoundly and irrevocably
  • Taking the time to talk through and understand the depth of your personal loss and all the ways that this tragedy will affect you and your family
  • Filing suit promptly and showing strength and determination to take your case through trial if necessary to obtain a just outcome

Your Emotional Recovery Matters, And So Does Your Financial Future

Under Indiana law, you may have the right to recover money to address medical and funeral expenses, the loss of your deceased family member's expected income and certain other damages. I am diligent in calculating these damages, collaborating with qualified experts when needed. Further, I will strive to be a source of real emotional support in this devastating time.

While I recognize that no amount of money could restore what you have lost, my mission will be to help you carry on with some degrees of closure and financial stability. To talk with me about what happened and begin exploring legal options, please call 812-375-0911 or contact me online now.